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 WAGS 2019 Calendar


WAGS meet at Mingara Recreation Club  at 10:A.M.


Scallywags meet at the Narara Community Centre normally but will do a trial of monthly meetings at various venues from Feb - April 2019.

12:30PM - 2:00 PM


The Women of Wags (WOW)  meet at various places  for Lunch


The Carer's within WAGS also meet at various places  for Lunch



Jan Feb Mar April May June


WAGS Meeting  5th .

WOW Lunch - 14th - 

Scallywags 25th



WAGS Meeting  - 2nd

WOW Lunch  - 16th

Scallywags - 8th Ourimbah RSL

Carer's Lunch  -16th 


Barefoot Bowls - 29th Ourimbah RSL

WAGS Meeting 2nd 

WOW Lunch  - 16

Scallywags 8th Diggers  Bowling Club

Picnic  - 9th

Wags Meeting  - 6th 

WOW Lunch- 27th 

Scallywags 25th - Gosford RSL




WAGS Meeting  - 4th 

WOW Lunch - 18th

Scallywags 3rd, Ourimbah RSL


WAGS Meeting -1st

WOW Lunch -  15th

Scallywags 14th Doggers @ The Entrance

Carer's Lunch - 15th


July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

WAGS Meeting - 6th  

Combined Clubs Morning Tea - 3rd at Mingara

WOW Lunch  - 15th

Scallywags 12th Erina Leagues Club

Picnic 14th

Xmas in July  - 20th at Diggers @ The Entrance

WAGS Meeting - 4th

WOW Lunch  - 17th 

Scallywags 9th Ourimbah  RSL

Carer's Lunch - 17th

WAGS Meeting  - 7th

WOW Lunch - 21st

Scallywags 6th Diggers @ The Entrance

Picnic - 9th


WAGS Meeting - 5th 

WOW Lunch - 19th 

Scallywags 4th Erina Leagues Club

Hunter Stroke Olympics - TBA

Picnic - 27th


WAGS Meeting - 2nd

WOW Lunch - 16th 

Scallywags 1st Ourimbah RSL

Women's Weekend - 8th - 10thd   



WAGS Christmas Party - 7th

Scallywags 13th Diggers @ The Entrance